Distance Reiki & Crystal Healing


Distance Reiki & Crystal Healing

If you think you might like to work with me, please take a moment to fill out my Online Intake Form.

And just in case you're wondering online sessions over the internet via zoom or skype are really are just as effective as personal visits.

The tools I use are very powerful and a great deal can be accomplished even in just one session - sometimes that's enough. However many issues require more work, and I want to support your commitment to change. That's why I offer discounts for 3 and 6 session packages. My very first session with you is 90 minutes and the follow ups are 55 minutes each.

Reiki Crystal Healing enhances repair and energy balancing by speeding up the process. Based in Darlington, we work both in person and remotely, providing online distance Reiki via Zoom. Why not ask for information today?

Reiki Crystal Healing Ideology

The ideology of using crystals, gemstones and particular metals to aid better health has been around for thousands of years. The recent upsurge in popularity has been noted since the use of copper bracelets in the 1970’s. More recently, we have heard celebrities discussing their own personal experiences within the media. Many speak about the healing properties crystals and natural minerals have to offer. In short, the use of rare minerals alongside health benefits are only just starting to be realised. Reiki Crystal Healing is a wonderful treatment to explore.

The laying on of stones

The purpose of the ‘laying on of stones’ is to release emotional, mental or spiritual blocks to well-being. My role is to be comforting, supportive and non- judgmental. I provide you with a safe space to release such emotions in a way that’s natural to you. The benefits and importance of Reiki Crystal Healing can not be underestimated.

During the process, crystals are carefully placed on chakras for maximum healing benefits. I hand pick and use only the very best healing crystals, always those I am drawn towards.

Placing each carefully selected stone on specific areas, the chakra system has an opportunity to  rebalance. It is believed the interaction between stones and chakras will return the chakra into a healthy vibration, therefore healing the part of the body affected.

Online services for total flexibility

Vibrant Vibes offer online distance Reiki via Zoom, allowing us to work with clients nationwide. Book an online session today!

1 Session£90.00
3 Sessions£245.00 (£25.00 Discount)

What My Clients Say About Me

After my first reiki session with Tania, it was the most empowering session I have ever experienced. I felt the most relaxed I had been in a long time. I also left feeling completely energised. I have returned for other treatments that have also been very beneficial. I would definitely recommend Tania to others especially…

Paul Marks

Tania is always very grounded and consistent. Through her Reiki, I have made incredible changes to my life and it’s also been reflected in how others are now responding to me. I have noticed my new-found level of happiness is drawing people towards me

John Stall

My Reiki sessions with Tania are an oasis of calm in my week and something I very much look forward to. She’s an unusual practitioner in that she doesn’t just treat you; she listens too with sympathy and kindness.

Jayne Moore

Tania’s Reiki has to be the best the North East has to offer, and I have had quite a few sessions over the past 10 years to say the least. I feel I dont want to tell to much as the session is so personally personal!!! as Tania goes with the flow, her intuition and…


The vibrations, the drums, the aromas, the music, the chimes, the crystals, the heat, and the healing..AMAZING!  The most remarkable thing happened during this session too, during the final 5 minutes I was experiencing the very heavy, slightly painful feeling flowing down my legs to my feet (Tania explained this was negative energy flowing down…

Jay Smith

Tania has an exceptional gift to heal and always radiates kindness and positivity. Her intuition is second to none and has really helped me progress in my personal development and understanding my journey in life. I come out of each session feeling rejuvenated. I highly recommend Tania for those in need of healing and looking…

Pete Deemer