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Welcome to My Vibrant Vibes

Hello and welcome to My Vibrant Vibes. I’m Tania, an award-winning Health and Wellbeing Specialist based in Darlington, County Durham. I’m really looking forward to providing you with a bespoke selection of services in my professional capacity as a Reiki Master Quantum Healing, Advanced EFT Practitioner , Life Coach and Multi-dimentional healer .

Do you have that underlying feeling that you’re just not good enough?

Do you ever feel like an impostor and pretty soon everyone’s going to realise that you’re messed up? You may even think everyone else has their lives fully together.

Except for you.

Stop. Breathe. It’s ok. You are NOT broken.

The feelings that surface when you’re upset, those dark shameful thoughts that you’re just not good enough, you’re unlovable, you don’t belong, you’re different / too fat / too thin… Well they happen to everyone. You are not alone.

We’re all the same. Welcome to the human condition, where underlying fears, phobias, panic, and beliefs that were set in our subconscious when we were young keep rising to the surface. We then live our lives through the filter of these “beliefs”, looking for evidence to make ourselves right (hello, human condition we meet again)!

Online services for total flexibility.

I offer Multi-dimentional healing, Reiki, Quantum Healing Crystal Healing & EFT Online delivered virtually via Zoom, allowing us to work with clients and businesses nationwide or In person in our darlington location .

I can’t wait for you to remember who you really are, living your purpose and potential, seeing yourself smiling , happy , joyful, centred, grounded, harmonised ,shining, beautiful, glowing, healthy, vibrant, living your best life, activating your creative purposes, sovereign, free, liberated, empowered and strong !

Services We Offer

Reiki Master

Providing Reiki in Darlington and the surrounding areas my clients are passionate about treatment witnessing first-hand how amazing this healing therapy is. Working both in person in our beautiful darlington , County…

Multidimentional healing session using Reiki, Quantum & Crystal & Sound Healing in person or Distant healing

I am a Multidimentional healer using Reiki, Quantum healing , Crystal Healing and sound healing that enhances repair and energy balancing by speeding up the process. Based in Darlington,I work both in…

In person session or online Reiki and Quantum healing & EFT ( Emotional Freedom Technique)

Reiki, Multidimentional healing session and EFT, A Powerful Combination Rooted in ancient philosophies, these practices work on energetic systems within the body. Together, these therapies understand how energy channels can become blocked…

In Person sessions or Online via Zoom Emotional Freedom Technique from an Advanced Practitioner

How Can EFT Help You? Online services for total flexibility Tania at Vibrant Vibes offer online EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) via Zoom allowing us to work with customers nationwide. Book online today!

In person or Online ( Distant Healing ) EFT For Business Success and Transformation

My name is Tania and I offer In Person in our beautiful Darlington location ,or Online EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) around the world virtually via Zoom, allowing me to work with clients…

What My Clients Say About Me

Tania, you have turned my life around! Before I met you, I was unable to let go of a past that caused me great sadness and anxiety. Through your incredible work, you have given me the ability to find my inner peace, look forward and enjoy this beautiful life. I will be eternally grateful for…

John franks

I would like to thank you for everything you have done for me with your treatments. can honestly say you have saved my life after being in the darkest place I have ever been. how my life has totally turned around how I can control myself and to be loved by someone so important to…


Tania’s Reiki has to be the best the North East has to offer, and I have had quite a few sessions over the past 10 years to say the least. I feel I don’t want to tell to much as the session is so personally personal!!! as Tania goes with the flow, her intuition and…

Julie Lucas

Whilst visiting Tania for a different treatment, Tania (and her intuition) picked up on my emotional state, which lead her to spending some time with me tapping on my feeling of loneliness. Within ten minutes I had released a sadness I had been experiencing for some time and as I went about my weekend I…

Mary Bradshaw

Felt a lot more relaxed for 2nd appointment as I knew what the procedure was and therefore felt more open and inviting. What surprised me was that I had been focusing on one issue my house but when Tania broke it down my main issues stemmed from my childhood with my mother passing at an…

Julie Richardson

I cannot thank you enough for helping me through an extremely difficult divorce. With your help, I was able to work through some issues that were holding me back from healing and moving forward. My daughters noticed right away that I had made a change and it changed my relationship with them. Thank you!

Tony Roberts

Tania is both a ‘5 Star’ Life coach and EFT Practitioner. I have worked with her personally and can attest to the truth of these reviews. She is truly gifted at helping a client drill down and get to the root of the issue they’re trying to resolve. Whenever anyone has asked me which EFT…

Clare Brent

Thank you for the tapping session today! Wow!…You are really good and I’m a willing participant–to hook present-tense ‘stuff’ directly to old childhood tapes. I’m a big believer in psychologists, but this was fast, and very effective. At the end of the session, I really felt as though a huge chunk of old stuff was…

Sarah Snowden