In Person sessions or Online via Zoom Emotional Freedom Technique from an Advanced Practitioner


In Person sessions or Online via Zoom Emotional Freedom Technique from an Advanced Practitioner

Hello, my name is Tania and I am a Certified EFT Practitioner based in Darlington, County Durham. Working with people globally via Zoom, never has there been a more important time to discover the benefits of EFT. I would love you to join me. This proven self-empowerment tool is becoming invaluable to the world.

If you think you might like to work with me, please take a moment to fill out my Online Intake Form.

And just in case you're wondering online sessions over the internet via zoom or skype are really are just as effective as personal visits.

The tools I use are very powerful and a great deal can be accomplished even in just one session - sometimes that's enough. However many issues require more work, and I want to support your commitment to change. That's why I offer discounts for 3 and 6 session packages. My very first session with you is 90 minutes and the follow ups are 55 minutes each.

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How Can EFT Help You?

  • Stress relief & general relaxation
  • Release & transform inner “negative” emotions; anxiety, sadness, anger, guilt & overcome fears & phobias, irrational or otherwise
  • Promote spiritual growth, self-empowerment, and confidence
  • Improve or eliminate physical discomfort/pain
  • Outer life changes; new opportunities, strength, courage, self-forgiveness,  self-compassion & better decision making
  • Increase energy & productivity
  • Heal effects of single or multiple emotional traumas, remembered or not & relieve PTSD symptoms
  • Diminish food & addictive substance cravings; resolve emotional eating/weight issues
  • Address relationship problems
  • Empower children, parents, & families
  • Resolve financial blocks & change financial behaviour
  • Better health, fitness & sleep habits
  • Remove barriers to goals, maximise creativity, visioning & goal setting
  • Increase self-esteem, clear-thinking, positive feelings & a sense of greater peace
  • Improve performance (artistic, professional, athletic, sexual)
  • Move beyond self-limiting beliefs towards greater possibilities

Online services for total flexibility

Tania at Vibrant Vibes offer online EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) via Zoom allowing us to work with customers nationwide. Book online today!

*Must of had first session.
First Session (90 mins)£145.00
Existing Client (60 mins)£125.00
X3 Sessions (180 mins) *£360.00 (Saving £15.00)
X6 Sessions (360 mins)*£700.00 (Saving £50.00)

What is EFT?

Emotional Freedom Technique is a practical mind/body self-help method involving gentle fingertip tapping on several acupuncture, meridian endpoints of the face and upper body. An EFT intervention utilises the same pathways/channels found in traditional Chinese energy medicine. Ability to think or “tune-in” to problems or issues in proactive ways, increases. EFT for business is also growing in popularity.

EFT or “tapping” is easy to learn and flexible for everyone. Methods encourage response transformations to uncomfortable thoughts, feelings, and troubling memories. Awareness of how thoughts, beliefs, and emotions affect us physiologically, heightened. Used solely or with an experienced practitioner, EFT brings surprising and lasting relief. Energy we bring to any situation, changes.

Exploring EFT Ourselves

The Chinese have been practising meridian access therapy around 3000 years. Acupuncture and Acupressure have been widely accepted in the West by mainstream medicine as an alternative treatment, despite lack of scientific evidence. In recent years however, this new yet ancient science now proven, is practised across the globe as an alternative means of addressing issues in therapy.

EFT explored alongside EEG brain wave monitoring shows an increase in delta waves during tapping. Access to the deeper mind gives us a direct truthful experience of who we are beyond thought and other experiences of our human form. With EFT we are exposed to a spacious experience of completeness.

What My Clients Say About Me

Whilst visiting Tania for a different treatment, Tania (and her intuition) picked up on my emotional state, which lead her to spending some time with me tapping on my feeling of loneliness. Within ten minutes I had released a sadness I had been experiencing for some time and as I went about my weekend I…

Mary Bradshaw

Felt a lot more relaxed for 2nd appointment as I knew what the procedure was and therefore felt more open and inviting. What surprised me was that I had been focusing on one issue my house but when Tania broke it down my main issues stemmed from my childhood with my mother passing at an…

Julie Richardson

I cannot thank you enough for helping me through an extremely difficult divorce. With your help, I was able to work through some issues that were holding me back from healing and moving forward. My daughters noticed right away that I had made a change and it changed my relationship with them. Thank you!

Tony Roberts

Tania is both a ‘5 Star’ Life coach and EFT Practitioner. I have worked with her personally and can attest to the truth of these reviews. She is truly gifted at helping a client drill down and get to the root of the issue they’re trying to resolve. Whenever anyone has asked me which EFT…

Clare Brent

Thank you for the tapping session today! Wow!…You are really good and I’m a willing participant–to hook present-tense ‘stuff’ directly to old childhood tapes. I’m a big believer in psychologists, but this was fast, and very effective. At the end of the session, I really felt as though a huge chunk of old stuff was…

Sarah Snowden

It was precious time. Thank you for helping me through it…for helping me change this most awful memory into a sweet one. You are a great blessing to me.

Mark Hunter